Before You Go

If you are anything like us, we make excuses to buy absolutely anything remotely to do with the up coming winter holiday whether its, gloves, snoods, jackets, trousers, bags.. Anything.

Last year we checked Decathlon and got a day ruck sack for £10.00, Mens base layers from under £8.00!  

This year, and if your not really bothered about looking all 'I've just fallen out of Snow and Rock's latest catalogue'  Decathlon are doing the above again and even a medium sized helmet for just £15.00!!

Aldi has a winter clothes section on the 'Man Aisle' for your back up gloves/mittens (£5.00) and hats (also £5.00) plus everything else you'll need. This normally comes out on week 48 of every year. Update: 18th January - Aldi still have plenty of skiwear in Adults and Kids still available. 

Ski Boots - You can take your chance and hire them in the resort but if they're uncomfortable, get some soft gel insoles however, if you are seasoned skier, you'll already have boots.

Boarders - You lot basically wear trainers (just joshing), you're pretty safe to hire (if you are learning or on a budget) or you could even head to eBay for the bargains.

Head to either Decathlon and even (dare I say) Sports Direct for some great deals on pretty much everything,

If you are taking first timers or your off-spring.. GO TO THE ABOVE

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