If we are heading to Geneva from the North, we tend to go via Liverpool, it's a lot quieter and easier to park. Manchester is way to hectic and you end up queuing for an eternity.


Flights normally come out early September for the following season. If flying from the south, Luton, and Stansted are the obvious but Gatwick is good shout. 

Parking: Try Purple Parking or Groupon for a discount. 

Flights, we paid under £60.00 (EasyJet, return!) going 26th January for the week, to Geneva plus the luggage also, if you book an afternoon flight, you'll save loads for instance, we fly at after 4pm Saturday for £52.00, if you went in the morning, it would be over £100 just for the outbound flight. I'd rather save that and spend it once I'm in the resort.. If you have a 3 mobile contract, you get an 'upgrade', we've not tried this yet but we are this year, we'll be back to let you know once we get it. 

The usual suspects:

easyjetryanairjet2expediacheapflights - skyscanner

Keep your eye out late August (2019) for the first release flights. 

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