The Food!

Morzine has some of the best restaurants in France, we have listed our top ten of places to eat and drink in The Verdict on this site but, for pizza, go to Le Tyrolien, cheaper than you think and genius but BOOK IN ADVANCE.

One night in the week, we usually get a bottle of decent wine €6 and a few beers plus whatever we want from the supermarket (Spar - Route de la Plagne) and cook in then we head to Dixie Bar or Hideout for a beer after, cheap as chips or rather, pas cher comme des frites.

Eating on the slopes is expensive, captive audience etc but, if you get to the supermarket in the morning and grab a filled baguette, drink and crisps etc, you can have lunch pretty much anywhere on the slopes but do buy a beer, glass of wine, vin chaud or even a portion of 'maison frites' (awesome house chips).. Les Gets has a great bar at the bottom of the main run to you right, Les Apreski Bar, it's good for lunch and is a great sun trap. 

Generally, prices slopeside for food comes in at around €17 for Sausage and Chips, €16 for Lasagna and salad and €15 for good ol' Spag Bol.. Rather pricey but they do have to get it up the mountain, staff it etc etc.. Still, take your own and get a beer or Vin Chaud (€4).

You have to try the Tartiflette (€17-ish) and of course, the meat or cheese fondue, both around €16-18.

Fine dining comes in the forms of Les Vents d'Anges and La Chaudanne, both a bit pricey but really good! Hideout is still the one to beat amongst many though.

We quite liked O'Chalet next to Haka Bar for burgers, fries etc.. Rhodos have a steak night every Wednesday (steak and chips range from €11-€24), it look v good. There are so many good places which are varied in price, always better to book again, do let us know if you find a gem.

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